Quality across every step of the process

Our fruits go a long way to get to your hands, and special care is taken in every step of the process. We are Good Agricultural Practices (Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas) and Good Manufacturing Practices (Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura) certified, according to GLOBAL-GAP standards, which, added to our dedication and effort, result in quality fruits.

  • Plantations

    Our 1200 hectares of fruit land are located in a highly favorable area, due to the interaction between rivers, soil and climate, thus developing the ideal condition to guarantee quality and fresh fruits.

    Our plantations are taken care of during the entire year. We perform continuous “cultural” work, dedicating up to 8 years of attention so that the fruit is in the ideal condition to enter the production process.

    We build alliances with producers, whom we provide with supplies, technical and financial assistance to guarantee excellent quality.

  • Harvest

    The harvest season of our fruits starts in December and ends in April. Every fruit and their varieties have their own harvesting period according to their characteristics and requirements.

    Harvest is one of the most important moments of our fruit, as it determines a great deal of the quality of the product. That is why we dedicate ourselves to this stage; it is a hands-on activity with the help of ladders. We are currently adding state-of-the-art mechanical platforms to transport and lift the operators, for efficiency gain.

    We consider that choosing the optimal moment of harvest is essential; that is why we work with highly experienced technicians who carry out constant analyses and controls in our farms.

  • Selection and Packing

    At this stage, the fruits undergo a reliable quality and health inspection. We have a specialized lab where the characteristics and destination of every fruit are determined.

    The quality selection process is manual and automatic: washing tanks, application of natural protection, classification of color by means of a digital video camera, classification by weight and packing in world-class packagings. We are strict in every stage of the process so that we have permanent and uniform quality throughout time.

    Our selection and packing plants process more than 45,000 tons of fruits per year. We have two plants: one that specializes in seed fruits and another one that specializes in stone fruits.

  • Storage

    We have controlled atmosphere chambers where temperature and levels of humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide can be adjusted. This allows us to store the fruits in optimal conditions for longer.

    The great storage capacity we have in a controlled atmosphere allows us to provide fruits all year round.

  • Commercialization

    We commercialize our products within the domestic market, and we also export to countries of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur); Brazil, as main destination; the European Union, Russia and the United States. Moreover, we export to non-traditional markets, such as Asia, Africa, and Arab countries. A great percentage of these exportations is carried out through Patagonian Fruits Trade S.A.

    In Argentina, we have our own stands in the Central Market of Buenos Aires, and we also work with distributors in the main markets of the country. We serve large supermarket chains directly.

  • Home

    From the heart of the valley to thousands of family homes, our fruits get to you with the quality and splendor we seek since the beginning.

    Our mission is to turn the tasting of our fruits into a unique experience. The varieties of apples, pears and stone fruits are the great treasure of our family soul and professional spirit.

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